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Eat Like A Boss: DIY Guide To Never Dieting Again

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Teach a woman to fish and she eats for a lifetime!

Aza Comics has partnered with Jazmin Fitness to get you started on your fitness journey!  

Did you know Aza Comics creator and author, Jazmin Truesdale is a certified personal trainer with a degree in Exercise & Sport Science? 

The Eat Like A Boss book is the perfect system for your weight loss goals! If everything you put into your mouth affects your body then why not use it to your advantage! Do you want thicker hair? Glowing skin? More muscle definition? This book will teach you everything you need to know to create the perfect plan for your body that fits your budget and lifestyle! No more fad diets! No more gimmicks! Get started today!

Bundle the book with the 60-Day Meal Planner and jumpstart your health goals today!

Eat Like A Boss: DIY Guide To Never Dieting Again
Eat Like A Boss Guide - $9.99
  • Eat Like A Boss Guide - $9.99

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