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Creator Jazmin Truesdale is a real-life Wonder Woman!

Mark Lee, News & Observer

This Is What Multicultural Superheroes Look Like: Awesome!


Your new favorite band of female superheroes!

Jaleesa M. Jones, USA Today

Obsessing over this new comic book filled with multicultural female heroes!

Sammy Nickalls, HelloGiggles

'The Keepers: Origins' Is The Diverse Comic Book Women Have Been Waiting For


Read The Keepers: Origins and Discover the Aza Universe!

Aza Comics brings you a new team of female superheroes in this thrilling space fantasy novel for Teens and Adults!

Every 1,000 years a Keeper is chosen by the Gods to protect the universe.  But what happens if that person decides they want the universe for themselves?

In this space opera, discover the origin story of Amaya, Kala, Ixchel, Adanna, and Fenna as they fight to save the universe from the greatest threat it has ever known!

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Not Just A Brand...It's An Attitude

Aza is a girl's name that means powerful. In the Aza Universe anything is possible...step into your power with our new cyberpunk graphic Tees!

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