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CEO Jazmin Truesdale featured on CNBC Make It!

CEO Jazmin Truesdale featured on CNBC Make It!

This millennial didn’t see diverse women represented in comic books, so she wrote her own—now it’s her full-time job

By: Ashton Jackson 

Jazmin Truesdale has always loved reading comic books. But as she grew up, she noticed that female superheroes weren’t getting the same attention, storylines or film adaptations that male superheroes were. So she created her own diverse, all-women superhero universe — and it’s now her primary source of income. 

“I remember going to a comic store and seeing a Wonder Woman comic. I was like, Oh my God, who is that? It didn’t occur to me that a woman could be a superhero when I was a kid, but when I saw her comic, it just kicked off this whole thing.”

From Durham, North Carolina, Truesdale explored several different career fields in college. She got a bachelor’s of exercise science and a bachelor’s of business administration from the University of North Carolina, before earning her MBA from Florida Institute of Technology.

But graduating during the Great Recession posed challenges for the 35-year-old.

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