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Upworthy: Black woman creates all-women comic book universe

Upworthy: Black woman creates all-women comic book universe

Black woman creates all-women comic book universe so young girls have superheroes to idolize

By: Vani Khokar


Women have historically been portrayed in comic books as either damsels in distress or hypersexualized objects of male desire. Moreover, very few women superheroes do not get the same attention and popularity as their male counterparts. Jazmin Truesdale, an avid reader of comic books, realized this discrepancy and decided to create her own diverse and inclusive comic books with an all-women superhero universe. She told CNBC, "I remember going to a comic store and seeing a Wonder Woman comic. I was like, Oh my God, who is that? It didn’t occur to me that a woman could be a superhero when I was a kid, but when I saw her comic, it just kicked off this whole thing."

Truesdale, who hails from Durham, North Carolina, ventured into various career paths during her time in college. She completed her undergraduate studies in exercise science and business administration at the University of North Carolina and later obtained her MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology. However, being a graduate during the Great Recession presented obstacles for the 35-year-old. "I struggled to find work. So I would intern at a lot of different places," she explained. "I ended up gaining a lot of skill sets and knowledge."

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